All You Ought To Know About Sheep Shearing And The Equipment Used


Sheep shearing is an ancient industry. Its roots trace all the way back thousands of years. Traditionally sheep were a primary source of food for a much longer period than shearing. The process of shearing began about 3500 BC, and it was around the same time that man learned to spin wool. Today, shearing a sheep is the oldest profession in the world, and the sheep shearing supplies they had then are quite different now.


Starting from humble beginnings, the sheep shearing equipment used for shearing sheep has gone through changes as time passed. In the beginning, those who did the shearing used blade shears, which were the instrument of choice. This type of shearing equipment resembled scissors. As time went on the sheep, shearing supplies turned to machine shears.


Modern sheep shearing is still as much exhausting work as it ever was, and for that reason the old method of shearing equipment may have worked then, but in today’s world with professionals who work extremely long hours, they need better sheep shearing supplies to the same job.


Rechargeable Clippers are the answer. This type of sheep shearing equipment has a motor and two or more speeds. They enable the shearer to shear the sheep more easily and quickly, and these clippers have a unique feature. If shearing a sheep has to be done remotely, then the sheep shearing equipment has a portable unit that can hook up to a car. Shearing Clippers come in a wide variety of models, some use electricity while others are manual and powered by the hand. Your choice of shearing clippers will affect your productivity and your ability to shear sheep within a given time frame while staying true to budget


Varying wool textures require different clippers, for a sturdier, and somewhat coarse fleece it is advisable to acquire Clippers that will be able to handle the physical strain. The clippers should therefore be strong in construction and made from sturdy materials. On the other hand, softer smoother fleeces require less sturdy clippers, so as not to damage the fleece and also to avoid the classic scenario of killing a mosquito using a hammer i.e. excessive force.


However, there are other types of shearing equipment needed to the do the job. There has to be fencing equipment. It is the biggest expenditure on a sheep farm. There are two kinds of fencing used. The first type of fencing equipment is perimeter fencing. This kind of fencing usually surrounds the boundary or grazing area. It must be made from top quality materials because it is the first line of protection from predators. Moreover, it has to last a long time. Then there is the interior fence. Its main purpose is the divide the area in smaller grazing patches. It can be made from a less expensive material, but it still has to be strong enough to keep the weaning lambs inside the perimeter. Woven wire is the type of fencing equipment that used traditionally. It is very effective as a visible deterrent, but it can be a little costly. Mesh fencing is a better choice. There are two types, diamond shape, and the square shape. Both work, but because they are more expensive they are usually used as a confinement wire.


The industry is still going strong, and while the basic have not changed all that much, the type of equipment used for shearing a sheep has changed quite a bit.


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